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Math & Problem Solving

We offer a specially designed framework which supports and nurtures development at your own pace. This program is personalized for each student so they move forward from the level of math they currently master. If gaps are identified at the current level, our program allows to easily identify those gaps, so you can practice the subject needed in order to fill the gap.

There is an initial assessment depending on the level of math the student is at in school, and it measures their accuracy of solving a short set of math exercises. 

Story Reading English

Allowing the students to relax for 45 min and listen to a classic story in English.

The unique approach allows older students to take paragraphs and read out loud the story to the group of younger and fellow participants.

The goal is to support advancing of English vocabulary, result-oriented English learning, story-boarding techniques, and presentation skills. 

Teenagers in Library
Giving a Presentation

Communication practice

At any age we are faced with events when we have to either deliver a presentation, to speak publicly, to interview on video or in person, or just to prepare a file for an admission.

With over 25 year experience in delivering presentations to clients and having been successful with various admission panels, we guide your practice to increase performance in any of these events.

For formative years, we offer the chance to practice public speaking, highlighting the English vocabulary and overall enhancing the self-reliance that will go a long way in life.

Open Notebook

We estimate that a frequency of two or three times weekly,

allows for remarkable results after 3 months: 

Increased Confidence

Increased affinity to math and English

Critical thinking and problem solving

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