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Our project started with the desire to offer a practice space to grow self-confidence, critical thinking and math skills.  

We combine renowned methods of learning math along with English lectures that offer the opportunity to excel at your own pace. We think math opens up avenues throughout the entire life, structures the brain and provides a solid base from which to grow.
We also recognize that becoming a great communicator takes practice, so we offer a safe, fully equipped space in quintessential education institutes in Lugano, Switzerland to practice your math concepts and problems or prepare for a specific milestone event.

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A subscription for 8-visit package allows attendance during the Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. We are considering Monday or Friday afternoon as well. Stay tuned for updates.


The subscription includes books which cover each level you progress through, access to computer-based materials, daily coaching, English story reading and much more.

Our program allows you to work independently and at your own pace.

For us it’s very important to develop your confidence to become self-learners

Self-discovery and personalized coaching and developing critical thinking by practicing math.

Assisted by a dedicated coach who builds your plan based on an initial assessment and tracks your individual progress.

No teaching involved, you study in your own rhythm, and you progress by practicing exercises in a dedicated standard time.

Focus on: growing self-confidence, discovery, developing perfect math mental skills, overcoming fear of math in school.

Tailored schedule adapted to all requests, on Wednesday from 1.oo-3.ooPM and Thursday from 4.oo-6.ooPM. On request, we are available on Monday or Friday afternoon.


Stay as long as you can from 30 minutes to hours, and we will guide you with passion on the journey to mastering the concepts.

Minimum 30-minute dedicated time per visit to solve and practice the exercises from your customized math program. 

In a short time, the personalized self-discovery method and schedule guarantees an enhanced academic performance. 

“You cannot open a book without learning something.”


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